7 wonderful places to visit in Galle

7 wonderful places to visit in Galle

Are you on on the look out for a destination with a variety of sights ranging from historical monuments to sandy beaches to wildlife?

If so, the wait is over folks !

Galle is a quaint and peaceful city located in the south west coast of the beautiful tropical island; Sri Lanka.

This is should be in your bucket list if you are a travel junkie and you will be mesmerized to see the colonial sights which could be still spotted up to date in this quiet ity.

So, lets have a look at what Galle has got in store for you!

01. Dutch Fort

Now a UNESCO World Heritage site, the fort was initially built by the Poturguese an later it was captured by the Dutch.

This place resonates the impacts of foreign invasions in Sri Lanka and fascinating architecture.

This fort is cited as a significant internationally recognized archeological site. 

Galle Dutch Fort | Visit Galle Fort with Reveal The Collection

02. Rumassala Sanctuary

This is very popular destination located in Unawatuna and many locals and tourists visit this beautiful place!

As you step into this site, you will witness a range of wild plant species including those of medicinal value and as well as various species of birds.

As you enter this sanctuary, you will see the memerizing views of the sea and as you climb the hills,  you will be even amazed to see the views from the top!

The ideal time to visit this place would be in the afternoon.

The Jungle Beach in Galle - Meshaun Journeys

 03. Snorkelling

Are you a fan of water sports? Then Galle would be the ideal spot to  do some snorkelling.

You can visit the jungle beach located in Galle and you will realize it is one of the best spots to engage in water sports too! 

If you reach Unawatuna, this is only a 30 minuites away if you walk!

Many prefer this place due to the safety present around this bay.

You will be able to get the services from professionals and this place also has a restaurant in place!

What more could you ask for from a small tropical island that has got so many treasures to offer despte its teeny weeny size?

You will surely be fascinated by the beautiful under water  sights ! Enjoy!

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04. The Galle Lighthouse 

Now we already mentioned that Galle is full of history and antiques too!, although it has a moden twist right now!

This light house  is cited to be the oldest lighthouse in the area and its history can be traced back to the 1800s. 

It would be ideal to visit this place around 2 pm - make sure you visit this place before 4 pm! You will be amazed to see the serene sight of the lighthuse standing tall in the backdrop of the sky and the ocean taking the bluish hues!

We are pretty sure that our description would not do any justice! This place  needs a spot in your bucket list!, should you ever visit Sri Lanka!

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05. The Flag Rock

If you are searching for an ideal  place to witness the sunset, the flagt rock is the place for you.

This is located at the south end of the Galle Fort and is quite popular among the tourists. 

The history of this place also dates back to the era where the area was under the control of the Portuguese and the dutch have also used this place as a natural defence center.

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06. The Dutch Reformed Church

This place is  of historical value and is located in the Church Street in Galle Fort premises. 

The history of this plce can also be traced back to the period during which the area was under the Dutch rule.

You can visit this place any day from 9 in the morning to 5 in the evening.

You can take a walk along the church street while witnessing the traditional aura of the sourroundings and we are sure you will be awestruck!

Dutch Reformed Church | Galle Coast activities | Red Dot Tours

07. Whale Watching

Sri Lanka is a tropical island sorrounded by the ocean.

It is obvious that this we are gifted with the ability to witness some creatures in the sea such as dolphins and mammals.

This activity is included in the services provided by most of the hotel properties in Galle , so you need to check with them too.

You will be able to watch these interesting creatures; Whales in a boat in the blue ocean! Won't that be interesting and you know it should be in your bucket list!

The ideal time to do this would be in the morning when the sun begins to rise or a few minuites before that!

Don't forget to click some amazing photos and it is likely you will spot some dolphins too.

Whale watching could be done from Dondra point, Mirissa beach and some other spots in Galle.

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