Top 6 reasons why you must visit Ella!

Top 6 reasons why you must visit Ella!

Ella is a popular tourist destination  in the paradise island; Sri Lanka.

This quaint, charming town has  its very own bohemian vibe and here are top

6 reasons why you must visit this breathtaking destination!

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1. Breathtaking views

Ella is known for incredible and scenic mountain views!

Many recommend opting for an accommodation facility  on a mountain top and

it will surely give you a glimpse of beautiful sunrises and sunsets !

They are going to leave you awestruck!

How to Climb Ella Rock in Sri Lanka – Sling Adventures

2. Demodara Nine Arch Bridge

This spot is quite popular among local and international travelers.

This is an engineering spectacle and its history runs back to the time when

Sri Lanka was a British colony and it has seen its completion in 1921.

Demodara Nine Arches Bridge, Ella - Timings, History, Best time to visit

This spot is renowned among the ‘instagrammers’ especially as a place to get great snaps.

This bridge can be viewed from the mountain or by reaching the bridge itself.

Nine arch bridge in sri lanka. Stuning view for the photos : r/pics

The train rides over the nine arch bridge is so one of the most picturesque train

journeys in the world!

3. Lipton’s Seat

Lipton’s seat is a must try if you are planning to visit Ella!

It is a spectacular viewpoint in Sri Lanka and the place where Sir Thomas

Lipton was fond of sitting and observe the bird’s eye view of his lush

green tea plantations!

Lipton's Seat | Haputhale | Lipton's Seat :

This spot is roughly 1.5 hours drive from Ella and it would be ideal to have

your accommodation provider to arrange this trip for you for a reasonable


Many recommend visiting the Lipton’s seat in the morning so that you can

witness the panoramic views beautified by the sunrise.

Best view in Bandarawela. - Review of Lipton's Seat, Haputale, Sri Lanka -  Tripadvisor

The summit of this spot will let you view the provinces; Eastern, Uva, Central

and Sabaragamuwa and on a clear day you would even get to spot the

Hambantota port and the Udawalawe lake.

4. Magnificent waterfalls

Did you know that Ella is partly covered by a wild jungle  with hidden


We are sure they would be a treat for you if you too are on the lookout for

chasing amazing waterfalls in Sri Lanka!

Rawana falls, Diyaluma falls, Bamabarakanda falls, Bombaru falls and Dunhida

falls are some of those waterfalls that are a reasonable distance away

from Ella.

Ravana Ella Falls | Ella, Sri Lanka

Ella is place that leaves many ‘travelgrammers’ awe-struck!

Bomburu Ella: The trail to the picture perfect cascade | Sunday Observer

Rawana falls is also ideal for a swim in a chilled climate but the travelers need

to be cautious as well.

5. Mini Adam’s Peak

Many opt for hiking the little Adam’s peak as the path is pretty easy to be 

located and it is of course an ‘easy’ hike.

Little Adam's Peack Sri Lanka | Little Adam's Peak Hiking Punchi Sri Padaya  | Sri Lanka Travel

It has been named after the Adam’s peak as it resembles  its shape  and you will

witness the sight of some ladies plucking tea as the path runs via a  tea 


You can easily hike its peak without the assistance of any guide!

On top of that... the paths have many signposts to guide your way up the hill.

Mini Adams Peak | Ella, Sri Lanka

As you reach its peak, you will be able to spot the plains around the Northern,

Southern and Uva provinces of the island.

6. Thrilling adventure that lasts a lifetime!

Flying Rawana Adventure Park located among the beautiful tea estates in Ella is

definitely a must that needs space in your bucket list!

If you too are one of those adrenaline junkies, this is ideal for you!

Things to Do in Ella | Flying Ravana | Zip Line Sri Lanka

The first ever mega zip line in the country, ATV rides, archery, air rifling and 

abseiling featured in the adventure park would be ideal to get some thrilling


Things to Do in Ella | Flying Ravana | Zip Line Sri Lanka

Ella is one of the most popular tourist destinations in this beautiful island 

country and this truly deserves a spot in your bucket list!

You will be amazed and would definitely want to come back if you tick  off this

itinerary atleast once!

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