WHERE TO FEAST ? 6 popular restaurants in Colombo

WHERE TO FEAST ? 6  popular restaurants in Colombo

Sri Lanka; a paradise isle is known for its very own authentic cuisine and it

resonates the island's inherent multi cultural identity!

Colombo, the commercial capital of the island is home for a variety of

restaurants that offers an exotic range of food to locals and tourists!

So, the diversity is not only prevalent in its culture but the range of eateries

and their items Colombo has in store for you!

01. Monsoon

Monsoon is a vibrant and a beautiful spot based at Park Street Mews. 

If you crave for South Asian food, this would be the ideal place for you to

have some great time with your family or friends!

On top of that, the food they offer are also instilled with a modern aura!

If you have been to the streets of Park Street Mews, you will know the

relaxed vibe you sense as you walk along them.


02.  Upali’s by Nawaloka

Upali's by Nawaloka is known as a spot that features a range of authentic Sri

Lankan dishes in the country !

It is located in the city itself and the environment is ideal for a family to 

have a chichat while feasting!

Their signature crab dishes are one of our favorites  is top notch out of the

many delicious dishes they serve!

The Sri Lankan authenticity is instilled in the cutlery they use to serve the

dishes .

You will truly enjoy the Sri Lankan cuisine they serve here !

Upali's by Nawaloka: Best Restaurant in Colombo, Sri Lanka / Rolling Grace  - Your Travel & Food Guide to Asia & the World

03.  Rare at Residence

This spot is known for top-notch dishes that feature the Sri Lankan aura in


The sorroundings with a twist of modernism and exotic dishes make it an

ideal place to dine in, if you are in Colombo!

This restaurant features a great deal of creativity and you would notice it in

their dishes as well.

Rare at Residence Reviews, User Reviews for Rare at Residence, Union Place,  Colombo 02, Colombo

04. . Fat Panda

This spot is popular for quality and delicious food at a reasonable price!

So this would be budget friendly for many of us strolling throught the streets

of Colombo, but they make sure that the standard of food is still top notch!

You will save some bucks, but delight your taste buds with their delicious

dishes featuring Asian cuisine.

You will instantly fall in love with the welcoming aura of this spot and

exceptional service standards!

Fat Panda - Picture of Fat Panda, Colombo - Tripadvisor

05. Lagoon

Are you a lover of sea food?

Lagoon has got you covered and it is certianly a top restaurants that serve

sea food dishes for Dinner in this wide-awake city!

Two specialty chefs run the kitchen of this restaurant and you will be

amazed to see a wide range of dishes featuring sea food and unique sauces

blended in them being prepared and served with exceptional talent and


This is one of Cinnamon Grand's ; (a five-star hotel) restaurants.

The best part of this experience is that you get to choose the fresh items

ranging from fish to crabs that are put on display on an ice bed!

Then as per your choice it would be prepared !

We would tell you, this is one-of-a-kind experience that will not let you


The Lagoon - Colombo - Restaurant - 50Best Discovery

06. Shang Palace

Shang Palace is one of the authentic  and top notch Chinese restaurants

located in the heart of the city.

This is the luxury five-star international property; Shangri- La's chinese


As many of us are, if you too are a chinese food lover, this will be the place

for you!

Their service is pretty good and the sorroundings are instilled with an aura

of luxury !

Shang palace offers a menu featuing a number of dishes ranging from

cocktails, meats, teas, dim sums and seafood. 

Shang Palace Seating Area - Picture of Shangri-La Hotel, Colombo -  Tripadvisor

Colombo is a bustling city and unlike in other cities of this island, this area

features many restaurants that will match one's budget and choice of


So if you pay a visit to this city, do not forget to enjoy a good meal and

delight your taste buds, sorrounded by your loved ones and positive energy!

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