Why visit Jaffna? Top 7 places to visit in Jaffna.

Why visit Jaffna? Top 7 places to visit in Jaffna.

If you are on the look out for a one of a kind and an adventurous travel

experience, visiting Jaffna is must have in your bucket list!

Here are some of the places that deserve your visit as you step into this

northern most area of out beautiful  island country!

01. Nallur Temple 

The nallur temple which is also called the 'Nallur Kandiswamy Kovil' recieves

pilgrims hailing from many parts of the world!

This sacred place of worship belongs to the 15th century BC and its 

extended  'Gopuram' attracts many  visitors everyday!

It would be ideal to visit this golden temple in the evening if you pay a visit

in August and you will be able to witness the renowned yearly Nallur


Nallur Kandaswamy Kovil – Lakpura LLC

02. Sangilean Thoopu

This place resonates the history of this iconic city; Jaffna and specifically,

the last tamil king of the Kingdom of Jaffna.

This place has remnants of the ancient royal palace and an old bathing pool.

Jaffna is a city that is instilled in rich heritage!

So never miss it if you pay this city a visit!

03. Nainativu  Island

This place is also called the 'Nagadeepa isalnd', and it is off the coast of the

Jaffna peninsula .

The island is popular for boat rides and we are certain you will enjoy it as

you visit this island.

It will take around two to three hours to reach this island from the city and

you can take the ferry from the Kurikadduwan Jetty to reach this island.

Folklore reflects that this area was occupied by a group of people called


This island features  of two places of worship and recieves veneration from

both buddhists and hindus. 

It is believed that Lord Buddha visited the place where the shrine;

'Nagadeepa Purana Viharaya' is located, where a dispute among the tribal

kings was resolved.


You will also witness the site of the Nagapooshani  Amman Hindu Temple

which recived the veneration by many tamils across the country.

04. Jaffna Library

This building is a major reflection of the unique identity  of the North of Sri


The libarary was established by the then mayor of Jaffna; Alfred


It was cited as one of the largest libraries in Asia,  which was unfortunatel

distroyed in a fire that was caused amidst the unfortunate political tensions

that  sweeped across the island before the three decade  civil war began.

Now, you can witness the restored building, as you visit this iconic city.

Jaffna Library | Attractions in Jaffna | Love Sri Lanka

05. Dambakola Patuna

If you are an epitome of a history lover, this place has a lot in store for you!

Why would we say that? Well, the history of this  place can be traced back 

to about 2000 years and this has been an ancient port in the country!

Buddhism was preached to the island by Sanagmiththa therani who arrived

at this port as per the sources. 

What is renowned as the 'oldest human-planted tree' in the world (planted

by a man); 'Sri Maha Bodhi' in Anuradhapura, also shares a connecrion with

this event!

It is interesting to note that it was the sapling of that tree which was

brought by the therani who arrived at this port as she came from our 

neighbouring country; India -  as a matter of fact, she was the daughter

of the renowed Indian emporer ; King Ashoka!

This site is being maintianed by Sri Lanka Navy. 

06. Jaffna Fort

Jaffna fort is a popular attraction in Jaffna and it  takes a shape of a star!

Interesting isn't it?

Have you heard of the foreign invasions of Sri Lanka?

Our island saw a potuguese invasion, and it was during  their reign that this

fort was constructed.

Sources say that it was renovated by the Dutch and has also been under the

British during the colonization of Ceylon.  

If you are visiting this place, the ideal time to do so  would be at sunset.

This place is also renowned as the " Fortress of Our  Lady of Miracles of


Make sure you witness the amazing views of the Jaffna lagoon from this


Jaffna Fort | Jaffna Tours

07. Casuarina Beach

Located in Karaingar on an island called "Karaitivu" in Jaffna, this is one of

the best white sandy beaches in the island!

It's name is said to take after the trees called 'Casoorina' that can be spotted

around the beach. 

Casuarina Beach Jaffna : Allceylon.lk

Now we have some useful information for you! 

This place has access to fresh water, changing roms and even a cafe on the


You can take a stroll along the beach and explore the  serene sights that this

famous place has got in store for you!

If you are planning to visit this city located in  the  north most tip of Sri

Lanka, make sure that you witness  its authenticity that resonates from the

historic  monuments to the sacred places of worship to the beautiful


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